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My happiest place on earth

Photo by Kayla Sawyer

Happy post-Thanksgiving for those of you that are in the States. I am currently with my family in Cincinnati, spending the holiday with them. This is a time for gratitude and I am so grateful to you. The movement I am creating to help as many people as possible see love in a really honest,…

Is the man I’m dating right for me?

Still Looking by Ben Minor

Happy Thanksgiving!! I know this is a little early but as Thanksgiving approaches and you prepare to spend time with your loved ones, I want you to be aware of your interactions. So, this week we are re-visiting a post I did last year about my client Julie. What I really want to make sure…

How to know if you have an intimacy block


I often get asked how I became a Love Coach. My short answer is that I have been observing, analyzing and curious about love and communication between people my whole life. It started by observing my Mom and Dad. They would often argue when I was younger, and while most children would probably lock themselves…

Why I broke down crying in a movie theater


This past week I was in San Francisco with two of my good friends Nisha and Sarah. On Thursday we went out to lunch with 2 other powerhouse women entrepreneurs. One of them has written 15 best-selling books and has been helping women through her advice for over 25 years, just to give you a…

did I make a mistake breaking up with my Ex?


My client Nora and I were talking this week about a man that she had been in a relationship with over 6 years ago and stayed friends with. In fact they are almost best friends. Nora recently moved from New York to San Francisco and so she is immersed in a new job, new environment,…

how to have REAL closure from a break up


Happy Diwali! For Diwali we celebrate the “festival of lights” which signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil. Hope Over Despair This was the theme this week as I was speaking to a woman named Shelly who had an amazing question for me about how to get closure…

Are you mothering men?

photo 3

Hemal and I just got back from our trip to Ireland for my friend Meeli’s wedding. One of my favorite things in the world are rainbows, and in Ireland we saw those rare full-blown arched rainbows. In fact at one point there were double rainbows. Here is a picture of one of them. It was…

my ideal man list backfired (an oldie but goldie!)


I have been in Spain and Ireland for the last week to get some R&R with Hemal and to celebrate my friend Meeli’s wedding. A few our friends from NYC flew over and it has been so much fun to have the crew in Europe! Since we have been away absorbing the Barcelona nights and…

How to weed out the wrong men online or in person (Throwback Saturday!)


Today, we’re back to our regular scheduled programming with great content for you and a Throwback Saturday post. Thank you to all of the amazing women who have enrolled in Soul Level Love and who took the time to watch the free video series. I appreciate each and every one of you. This post answered…

a script for how to tell a man that you like him


This week is a holy week for me. I am Jain and for those of you that are new to me, the Jain dharma is more of a philosophy than a religion. It is a way of life. The biggest value for a Jain is non-violence. In fact, one of Gandhi’s major influences was a…