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how to be rejection proof


Last week I went to Shakespeare in the Park in Central Park to see King Lear. On my way in, I gave the man my ticket and tilted my head around the crowd to see if I could see the stage. I could only see a bit of the burlap and hay covered set, but…

can I date men at work? [video blog]

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 6.18.41 PM

I’m pretty excited to share this weeks video blog. Kristin came to me with a great question: Kavita, one of the biggest hurdles I have as a very active career woman is that the men I meet are most often in my business life.  I don’t know how to walk that fine line of keeping…

can you find true love while you’re in a “mediocre” relationship?


Have you ever known you were talking to or dating someone who wasn’t totally right for you but you really enjoyed spending time with them? Maybe you just had a lot of fun together. Or the sex was really good. Or they felt really good to lie next to while you watch a movie on…

have you ever dumped your friends for a man? [ this week’s video blog]

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 9.37.27 AM

We’re back in action with another video blog this week! This one is really great because my reader, Nikki, asked a question that comes up not only for women in the early stages of dating a man, but even 2.5 years in like she is. Here’s a preview of what was going on for Nikki:…

what I learned from Alicia Keys about Love

Proposal pic

A couple of weekends ago Hemal and I went on a spiritual retreat to a temple and ashram in New Jersey that I used to go to for summer camp when I was younger. The ashram means so much to me because it was a pivotal experience in my childhood that I feel has shaped…

Haven’t had a relationship in years? This might be why.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 5.22.07 PM

Last week’s video blog was a hit! I was so nervous to send it out but it was one of my most viewed blogs ever and I got a ton of great feedback! If you didn’t get a chance to watch, click here. In the spirit of feeling like we’re on to something over here…

What to say to your ex if you still want to be with him [my 1st ever video coaching blog!]

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 8.37.45 PM

This week I totally got out of my comfort zone, and I feel a little bit vulnerable even sending this week’s (video!) blog out to you. On Monday I got an email from a reader named Amy who wanted some advice about her ex boyfriend and what she should do about this gut feeling she…

The solution to getting back your dating MOJO


The other day I was talking to a friend, who is also a coach, about the name of my next program I’m going to be launching. I told her how I have been obsessing and reworking the name for the last 3 months. It was like I was trying to control every little aspect of…

A story that will completely change the way you see relationships

Parents arguing at teenage daughter   Original Filename: angry parents.jpg

I am really annoyed about something today. I was talking to a friend of mine recently who has been in a relationship for 6 years and her parents have really been pressuring her to figure out when they are going to get married. Her dad even sent an email to her boyfriend asking what his…

why trying to look perfect is blocking you in love


WOW! After coming off that trip to Paris, I am now in Tampa at my In-Laws, visiting Hemal’s grandparents who are here from India. They are both in their 90’s. We call them Ba (grandmother) and Dada (grandfather) it is pretty amazing to see them together. They have been married for 70 years. I am…